Five Methods for Playful Sex

  1. Pretend.

What a couple can pretend is only limited by their imaginations. As children they probably pretended all kinds of things. Now, they get to re-live those childhood fantasies to bring about exciting, romantic, and fun experiences into the bedroom. Perhaps one person wants to be the damsel in distress and the other wants to rescue her. Maybe they want to play cops and robbers and run around the house with the “spoils” going to the winner. Classic standbys include the french maid and exotic dancer. Some favorite exotic dance role plays include pretending to be innocent and shy before turning into the wild and rapturous lover. Or, being serious, studious, or business like and then letting it all heat up from there!

  1. Reverse Roles.

Partners can also trade roles with the typically dominant partner pretending to be docile and helpless. Or, the submissive partner pretending to be more assertive and take charge in nature. Again, it is important that couples have fun doing this. Stick to the ground rules for playful sex, or couples will collapse into having Sex for All the Wrong Reasons.

  1. Sex-ercise.

When we exercise we stimulate endorphins as well as get the energy flowing throughout the body. One way a couple can exercise together is by performing yoga poses in front of each other in the nude, barely dressed, or with see through clothing. Or, they can wrestle with each other in a playful way (be careful not to hurt each other or cross the line, stick to the ground rules of playful sex). They can do jumping jacks in front of each other, jump a rope, or do other exercises that get the body moving in stimulating ways. And, couples can exercise together in a slow way, connecting their arms, legs, or both as they help each other move to an erotic or energizing piece of music as they go along.

  1. Play a Game.

Truth or dare and spin the bottle are classic ones. Each couple can also write down something they really want in a playful or sensual sex encounter, play a game and whoever wins the round gets fifteen to thirty minutes of being rewarded by experiencing what they want. Whatever game is played has to follow the ground rules of playful sex (yes, it is important to repeat it once again) and avoid slipping into Sex for All the Wrong Reasons. Remember, play by definition is fun, light-hearted, free-spirited, and involves free will.

  1. Laugh.

Laughter can be highly stimulating! Couples who laugh together can’t help but enjoy being together. Laughter can be induced by reading and sharing silly stories and jokes, watching something funny together, being goofy together, or couples can even try this one on! Each couple simply sits across from each other and starts laughing. It doesn’t matter if neither feels like laughing or the laughter seems fake and forced at first. They just need to keep at it. They can even experiment with loud laughs, soft laughs, “tee-hee” laughs, long laughs, short laughs, whatever! Eventually they will discover that the fake laughter breaks open into sincere and even hysterical fits of laughter. Once the laughter becomes authentic, the couple can then begin to tickle each other (being careful not to move into tickling that is too intense and becomes irritating or feels like a violation). As they start to tickle each other they can transition it into stroking and teasing each other letting it move into a full on sexual encounter from there.

Obviously the ten ways shared in these playful sex articles are not comprehensive. There are even more things couples can do to keep their sex life playful and joyful. Once the couple has mastered playful sex, and the other three elements of Ecstatic Sex: Beginning Stages, they can move on to Ecstatic Sex: Intermediate Stages, and Ecstatic Sex: Advanced Stages as well.