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by Janco B. submitted 2 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
I love how this small almost unknown company can produce such a high quality working product. I personally love the aura about your company. My wife greets you.


by Alexa submitted 2 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
Quite good, satisfied


by BestWife submitted 4 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
The taste is so yummy, cant help myself and always drop more than 5 drops at once. Feeling graduate results after each use. My husband is now the guy who dont want the sex that often.


by Frude11 submitted 4 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
Touch intense is through the roof 10/10. The bottle last forever if you use sporadically.


by michelle submitted 8 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
will you run any discount in near future? Need two more bottles asap!


by SusanNew. submitted 11 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
5 drops were enough in every situation for me till now.


by almosthappysenora submitted 11 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
Thank you very much for saving my marriage. Almost twenty years with my husband became really stereotypical. Our sex life was almost non-existent, till last week. My husband bought this Spanish Fly for me and we gave it a chance. As a women i love their packaging and everything around it. The sex after using is simply better, more pleasant and more intensive. I feel the effect much more than my husband, why?

by lizard submitted 12 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
I personally use this on my dates with girls everywhere, but my apartment works the best for obvious reason. In combination with alcohol, it’s a bomb.


by euartist submitted 14 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
Here in Europe are girls more conservative than in US. IMO, you personally need to put a lot more effort to get laid or atleast get some positive traction from girls. Love this product as much as possible. Helped me like 100s times. Sincerely, Your European


by Maaria submitted 15 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
This love drops save this year for me. At the beginning of the year I felt so exhausted, without motivation and also without a partner who left me which lead to a ZERO interest in any relationship or sex. Spanish Fly love is highly unique product because: 1. Taste unbelievable 2. The price is acceptable 3. WORKS! I borrowed second bottle to my sister a never saw it again. I finally date someone special and it looks serious. How? Those love drops gives me back my sex drive and desire to life much better than before.


by nymf1983 submitted 20 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
when i told someone that with help of these drops i had more orgasms in one month than in my entire life, nobody believe me and its okey. You live only once so, if you need any change in our love life, even minimal change, take my advice seriously. cons: higher price


by ALREDO submitted 22 days ago for Spanish Fly Love
sometimes i just put 3 drops in my cold morning tea and everything became better and tbh my sex became much much better.Thumbs up, Respect, hat down!

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