What is “our” Love?

Spanish Fly Love is the newest and most innovative liquid based aphrodisiac in the market right now. The main ingredients of this product are the following: rare herbal root extracts, vitamins, and powerful herbs. Spanish Fly Love is designed to work for both genders. There are no restrictions for this revolutionary new supplement.

100% Effective ingredients extracted in exact proportions by a certified and expert lab team.
100% Safe. It comes with the FDA stamp of approval.

If you have about how this product works, you may contact us at your convenience and we will give a timely response for all your concerns. We answer to all questions regarding our product, shipping, and everything about Spanish Fly Love.

We found Love and we take great pride in what we’ve discovered!

How to use Love?

#1 Shake the bottle

This helps mix the herbal and root extracts that rest at the bottom of the bottle.

#2 Mix the drops

Any beverage works. For women, use 10 drops. Men (who may be bigger in size) should have 15 drops. Just follow the instructions for the right dosage.

#3 Give it time

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to feel the effects. It shouldn’t take longer than that.